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The Newsletter of Answers In Creation
July-September 2007 (Volume 3, Number 4)

New Articles

Must Human Evolution Contradict Genesis?

Calibrating the Flood - Answering a Claim Made by ICR

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     The new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum is going strong, and so is our website visitor statistics.  During September Old Earth Ministries had nearly 25,000 visitors.  That breaks the old monthly record by almost 6,000 visitors!  Thanks to the controversy over the museum, Old Earth Ministries is getting many new visitors.

     Here is one more story that mentions Old Earth Ministries, that ran in the Springfield, Ohio newspaper. 

Springfield News-Sun: Museum Stirs Up Debate Between Science, Religion


   Thanks to all who have sent in emails to Old Earth Ministries.  I would like to share three examples that we received during September, to let you know how God is using the Old Earth Ministries website:


"I just wanted to mention how refreshing it is to see an educated point of view regarding creationism and the Bible. Your views echo mine exactly regarding creation and the universe.
Keep up the good work!"


"I randomly came across your website while searching for rock sample images on Google, and I just wanted to commend you for the message you are sending. As a non-Christian, unreligious (though spiritual) geologist who believes in God, I have never seen any conflict between God & science. In fact, the more I learn of science, the more evidence I find of God in the world around me. I think you're doing a beautiful & admirable thing, and sincerely applaud your efforts. It's reassuring to know that there are people in this world who can recognize & appreciate the truth of science, without thinking they need to sacrifice an entire belief system."


"Thank you for this resource -- I found it in a crucial time of soul searching, and it has helped me remain faithful to God and Scripture.  I had cast aside the "Answers in Genesis" views, and was grappling with whether or not I could remain a Christian of integrity in ministry.  I wish there were more voices like yours in the damaging debate over creation."


     Praise God that He has chosen to use the website to impact people.  Join me in praying for the website to reach many more people with the message that science and the Bible are indeed compatible.


In Christ,

Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries


New Articles


Two new articles are featured at left.  In the first, Dr. Dennis Bonnette explores the question of human evolution and Genesis, and discovers that there is indeed room for evolution in the Genesis account of creation.  The second article is a response to an Institute for Creation Research article about a young earth attempt to use some rock layers in the Grand Canyon to argue for the young earth model.



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