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Volume 1, Number 1

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The Doctrine of Creation

Psalm 104

More YEC Petrified Claims

Old Earth Ministries continues to grow. During November and December, we had over 5,000 visitors each month, the first time we went over the 5,000 mark. Thank you for helping to make us one of the leading old earth creationist websites. Please help us to spread the word about the website by telling your friends!

Featured Article - Bottled Lies
The Featured Article will highlight one of the lesser-visited pages on the Old Earth Ministries website. In this month's article, we gain insight into the faulty reasoning of young earth theorists, when they try to use a rock-encrusted bottle to prove that the earth is young. Click here to read this brief article.

Featured Contributed Article - An Essay on Creationism
In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which have been submitted to OEM. This month, Mike O'Neal gives some very good reasons for old earth belief. Click here for this article.

Contributors Wanted!
Want to write and contribute an article to Old Earth Ministries? Know a good link to an old earth website? We are always looking for new information to publish for our readers. Drop us an email at feedback@answersincreation and let us know!

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