The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of Answers In Creation
January/February 2006 (Volume 3, Number 1)

Featured Old Earth Book

The Creationists

by RonaldNumbers

Pious charlatans, firebrand demagogues and scientific cranks stalk the pages of this history of the modern revival of creationism.

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     The Geology curriculum for home schools is almost complete.  The final chapter is being drafted now. There are currently 48 students registered to use the curriculum.  Time permitting, new curriculum choices will be added in the future.

     The website is currently undergoing some major revisions.  The menu bar on the homepage has been updated.  This menu will be carried over to the remaining pages of the site over the next few months.  I am also in the process of updating the pages with cascading style sheets, which should lead to faster load times and higher search engine rankings.  Because of this massive revision, work on new articles will slow considerably.

     This newsletter is one of the results of revision.  It will now be a bi-monthy newsletter, summarizing the new articles posted during the previous two months.  The next newsletter can be expected at the end of April. 

     I have also added methods for people to make a donation to Old Earth Ministries.  People have the option of using either PayPal or their account to make a donation.  My hope is that the website will become self-sufficient.  Click here to see the donation page.


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New Articles added during December/January/February


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   20 Reasons Against Theistic Evolution?

   Imagining Dinosaurs in Cambodia

   Fear of Millions of Years Unfounded 

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

   Time and Newsweek Attack Christians


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