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February 2006 (Volume 2, Number 2)

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Things That Make Christians Look Stupid

Birds From Dinosaurs?

Supernova Remnants


Featured Old-Earth Book

Peril in Paradise: Theology, Science, and the Age of the Earth

Mark S. Whorton

Using evidence as diverse as the bombardier beetle and St. Augustine, Dr. Whorton, a Christian apologist and genuine rocket scientist, provides a compelling answer to one of the most difficult and heated issues for modern Christians.

Major topics include:

Thinking Believers
Creation Paradigms
The Eternal Purpose of Creation
A Day in the Life of Adam
Suffering and the Plan of God
Animal Death in a Very Good World
Vegetarian Delight
The Uncompromising Truths of Creation

About the Author
Dr. Mark Whorton holds a PhD in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for the past 15 years. As an internationally recognized expert in the control of space structures and the Principal Investigator for an International Space Station experiment, Dr. Whorton has received many professional honors: NASA Administrators Fellow, Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and selected for Whos Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities (1987).

An experienced published author, educator, and speaker in Christian apologetics, he has been active leading the formation of local chapters for the Reasons to Believe Ministry and has developed and taught Bible study courses in classical and modern apologetics. Dr. Whortons education and experience brings credibility and insight to this unique book addressing the theology and science of creation.

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 NOTE: This book falls under the category of Theistic Evolution

     During January, Old Earth Ministries once again set a record for visitors and page views.  We had 10,512 visitors, viewing 26,540 pages.  For more statistics, see 
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     When reading a set of articles on the Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) website, with the subtitle TTMELS (Things That Make Evolutionists Look Stupid), I couldn't help but think that such ridiculous claims actually made us Christians look stupid.  After emailing them to express my concern, I wrote a whole series of rebuttals (linked at left). 

     The other two new articles this month discuss other issues raised on the CSE website.


In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries

Featured Article - Dating Biblical Events in an Old Earth Framework
     The Featured Article will highlight one article or section of the website each month. One of the problems facing old earth creationists is providing reliable dates for biblical events.  In this article, these issues are discussed.  
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Featured Contributed Article - Hiding the Numbers to Defame Radiometric Dating
 In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which are linked to from an OEM webpage. How do you disprove radiometric dating?  You hide the real numbers and only report ones favorable to your position.  That is just what YEC John Woodmorappe ("Woody") did.  To find out about his underhanded tactics, check out Dr. Kevin Henke's expose.    Click here to read this article.

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