The Monthly Newsletter of Old Earth Ministries
February 2005 (Volume 1, Number

New Articles

Decontaminating the Church

Polystrate Fossils

     During January, we completely revamped our Articles sections.  We expanded the categories from nine to sixteen, added new linked articles from other websites, and changed the look of the menus.  We hope the change makes it easier for visitors to locate articles that interest them.
     Another project accomplished during January was the addition of our new logo to all the web pages.
During January, OEM had 7,249 visitors, viewing 19,551 pages of information.  Once again his sets a record for Old Earth Ministries (the previous record was 5,426 visits and 16,840 page views) To recap the year 2004, we had 52,483 visitors, viewing 154,715 pages.

Featured Article - Catastrophism/Uniformitarianism
     The Featured Article will highlight one of the lesser-visited pages on the Old Earth Ministries website. Young earth creationists are always claiming that the rocks, fossils and geologic features we see are the result of catastrophism.  What they fail to realize is that the system they are arguing against, known as Uniformitarianism, also contains catastrophic events, thus making the young earth arguments for  catastrophism ineffective.  Click here to read this brief article.

Featured Contributed Article - Death Before the Fall
     In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which have been submitted to OEM. This month, Rich Deem shows that death before the fall of man is perfectly in line with Biblical interpretation. Click here for this article.

Contributors Wanted!
Want to write and contribute an article to Old Earth Ministries? Know a good link to an old earth website? We are always looking for new information to publish for our readers. Drop us an email at truth@answersincreation and let us know!

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