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August 2006 (Volume 2, Number 8)

Featured Old-Earth Book

Genesis One and the Age of the Earth


Robert Newman and Herman Eckelman, Jr.


The authors offer a provocative perspective on Genesis One. They consider their material from both scientific and theological viewpoints, discussing such topics as chronological evidence from science and Scripture, evidence from the solar system, selection of a model, and creation days and creation periods. Appendices, notes, and bibliographical lists enrich the text.

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    Greetings from Old Earth Ministries.  During the month of July, Old Earth Ministries had 9,228 visitors viewing over 27,000 web pages.  With the summer almost over, we should see a rise in readers during August.

     As you know, I have been preparing for my retirement from the military, and I have not devoted as much time to the website as I normally have in the past.  As I search for a new job, I'm hopeful that I will find the perfect job that will still allow me to devote a lot of time to the website.  Your prayers in this matter are greatly appreciated.

     As you know, there are still thousands of pages of young earth materials that need rebuttals, and more are added daily.  With so much young earth materials, there is definitely no shortage of work for me to accomplish.  As long as God blesses this effort, I'll continue to devote as much time as possible. 



In Christ,


Greg Neyman

Old Earth Ministries


New Articles added during July


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