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August 2005 (Volume 1, Number 8)

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Book Review - Battle for the Beginning


Featured Old-Earth Book

For over a century, the Holy Bible's account of creation has come under considerable scrutiny and derision by the scientific community, casting doubts on Biblical accuracy. But is such derision warranted? Armed with the accepted principles of science, a keen understanding of Biblical literature, and no preconceptions, author Jim Schicatano decided to investigate the subject for himself. The result is a comprehensive and objective analysis of the first story of the Bible (Genesis 1:1 - 2:4). The Theory of Creation answers the enduring questions of science and validates the Biblical creation story. It will be a source of inspiration for Bible readers everywhere, and is the Bible-versus-science resolution that every believer needs to read.

 (NOTE: This book falls under the category of Theistic Evolution)

     On August 4th, we went over 52,483 visitors for the year.  That was the total number of visitors to Old Earth Ministries during all of 2004!  This year we reached that mark in just over 7 months.

     During the past month I've been working on the book review for Battle for the Beginning: Creation, Evolution, and the Bible.  This book by popular author and speaker John MacArthur tries to defend the young earth viewpoint.  It presents no threat to old earth belief, due to the fact that it contains no convincing arguments against an old earth.   The book is full of "God of the Gaps" arguments.  In other words, "look at how complex this organism is...God must have done it."  Such emotional appeals will never convince the non-believer.  While I agree with the wonders of God's creation, this is not a convincing way to describe it.

     Overall, the book does what it was intended to do...strengthen young earth creationists beliefs, and energize them to defend their position.  However, if you look below the surface, you will see what it really is...a book of empty rhetoric with virtually no science and dripping with emotional appeals.  You can check out the review from the link in the left column.

     During July, Old Earth Ministries had 5,705 visitors, viewing 14,178 pages.  As the end of summer approaches, we are already seeing an increase in visitors during early August.

    Another enhancement that has recently begun is the addition of printer-friendly versions of our articles.  This involves the saving of the files in Adobe Acrobat format.  We should have this project complete within the next few months.

Featured Article - Truth In Geology Series:  The Truth about Varves
     The Featured Article will highlight one article or section of the website each month. Finely layered sediment known as varves are constantly under attack from young earth proponents.  Before you listen to them, read the truth here.

Featured Contributed Article - The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
 In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which are linked to from an OEM webpage. This month, Jim Schicatano, the author of The Theory of Creation, explains the proper understanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy.     Click here to read this article.  You may also view information about his book to the left.

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