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April 2006 (Volume 2, Number 4)

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Featured Old-Earth Book

Creation & Evolution 101

by Bruce Bickel and

Stan Jantz


  How we answer that important question determines a lot about our values and beliefs. Bruce and Stan will help you think clearly and critically about science and faith, guiding you through the foundational issues. This insightful guide to a hotly debated topic gives straightforward and easy-to-understand answers to questions about creation, evolution, intelligent design, and the role of science, and what these have to do with how we live our daily lives. Thought-provoking questions included at the end of each chapter will promote a lively discussion with others who are interested in learning about how it all began.

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    March was another record-breaker for visitors/page views to our website.  We had 13,837 visitors, viewing 38,619 pages.  For more statistics, see 
About OEM.

     During March, almost 200 new web pages were added, mostly in the area of Creation Magazine rebuttals and Creation Moments rebuttals.  Another new feature is the Daily Rebuttal section on the home page, providing users with up to date rebuttals of the daily claims of young earth ministries..

     For those of you who may not know about me, I am a military member.  In a few months, I will be retiring from military service after twenty years.  My hope is that I will be able to devote myself full-time to the website, but this is dependent upon financial considerations.  I appreciate your prayers as I make this transition to civilian life.


In Christ,


Greg Neyman

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Featured Article - Potatoes and White Chimpanzees
     Typical of young earth organizations is their attempt to tie evolution to the world's ills.  However, the world had ills long before evolution came along.  In this Creation Magazine article, Answers in Genesis ties evolution to racism.  
Click here to read this article.

Featured Contributed Article - Walter Brown's Hydroplate Theory
 In this section, we will feature articles from outside Answers In Creation, which have either been linked to OEM, or copied with the permission of the author.. In this linked article, Glenn Morton examines the young earth Hydroplate Theory of Walt Brown.   Click here to read this article.

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