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April 2005 (Volume 1, Number

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Evolution and Murders?

Word Study: Yom


     The month of March was spent optimizing the Answers In Creation website for search engines.  Currently, our highest ranking on a major search engine is third.  This work will continue as we seek to improve our rankings.

     Many thanks to John Ankerberg for his series on the age of the earth.  This four-part series is over, but it is labeled "Series 1," so we can expect another series from him in the future.  For now, you may order Series 1 from his website, along with the companion study guides, at

     Recent additions to the website include several more classic Navigator audio messages.  To listen to these practical discipleship messages, visit the Discipleship Tools page.
During March, OEM once again continued its upward climb in visitors, setting new records for visitors and page views.  OEM had 8,815 visitors, viewing 22,244 pages.  This breaks the old mark for visitors, set last month, by over 1,500!  

Featured Article - Islands that Decieve?
     The Featured Article will highlight one of the lesser-visited pages on the Old Earth Ministries website. Young earth creationists have used several islands which look young to claim that the earth is young.  This faulty reasoning is exposed in this rebuttal.  Click here to read this brief article.

Featured Contributed Article - The R.A.T.E. Project
     In this section, we will feature articles from OEM associates, and articles which have been submitted to OEM. This month, we examine the R.A.T.E. project more closely, and see that their faulty science does not add up.  Click here to read this article.

Contributors Wanted!
Want to write and contribute an article to Old Earth Ministries? Know a good link to an old earth website? We are always looking for new information to publish for our readers. Drop us an email at truth@answersincreation and let us know!

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